Attention Light Workers, Creative, Sensitive, and Spiritually Awakening Souls

Invoke the authentic frequency of your Voice!

What we need most is to embody our Awakened Divine Instrument!

Soul Voice Invocation


Clearing Session

The Soul Voice Invocation & Clearing Session is a fantastic session that will help you clear the blocks that are holding you back from letting your Soul's Voice come out and be heard.

Some blocks that have stopped you from stepping into the power of your voice may come from this lifetime, and others may be due to generational wounds or originate from parallel or past lifetimes. To heal and invoke your Voice on a Soul level, we will alchemise the blocks and bring in the magic of your voice through the realms of the Akashic records and as an embodied and felt experience.

Since 2024 is the Chinese Year of the Dragon, but mainly because the True Ancient Divine Feminine Light Dragon template has been returned, many Light Workers and other spiritually aware women and men will start to feel their Dragon Light Language codes come in.

It might take some time to awaken this within you, but you will feel the pressure in your throat when you sense the truth and want to speak it or sing about it. This Truth is not about simple things; it is about the truth of your authenticity, divine origin, and longing to co-create from the power of your heart.

This session will help your voice to remember who she is and what she wants to speak and sing of. Remember and embody your high-frequency light codes, tones, and language. And to bring in the courage to speak from your heart when your Soul wants you to speak and touch the hearts of those who long to hear your message.

Meet the creator of 'the Harmonic Frequencies"

Elisabeth de Charon de Saint Germain

Elisabeth de Charon de Saint Germain is the heart and soul behind 'the Harmonic Frequencies' and the founder of Liberate & Express.

A singer, a mystic, a writer, and a creator of Musical Healing Potions, she has been on an incredible journey for over thirty years, transforming her quest for spiritual awakening and expressive liberation into a shifting and uplifting art.

She lives in the Netherlands in a house in the middle of nature. She is the mother of two extraordinary, beautiful, grown-up souls. With a rich Indonesian, Dutch, Swiss, and German heritage, she feels at home wherever there is nature, beauty, and kind hearts.

As a singer, composer, and intuitive transformational vocal coach, Elisabeth delves deep into the mystical powers of the voice – its healing frequencies, alchemical melodies, and the magic it weaves in manifesting dreams.

Her path, enriched by her classical training in singing and holistic teaching in the Art of Uncovering the Singing Voice, is lush with divine feminine teachings, thanks to her mystic Dakini initiations, Voice of the Priestess training, her coaching certification in feminine leadership from One of Many, and her grounded mastery in energy healing, spiritual shamanism, the Akashic codes, and Theta Healing.

This unique blend is her secret recipe as an Intuitive Guide and Sacred Songstress or Singing Priestess for creative, spiritually awakening souls – business owners, healers, and speakers across the globe – to trust the gift of their uniqueness, share their voice, and become visible & attuned with the full gift of their high vibrational heart-song.

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